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2011 BTR Edition BMW Z4 GT3 (SEMA project)

This one is a special build we did to be displayed at the 2018 SEMA show in the Toyo Tires Treadpass.


Treadpass is one of the most prominent spaces in the SEMA show and it's not the easiest place to have your vehicle be featured in, not that getting into SEMA generally is an easy task. 

2011 BMW Z4 35i is the car we started out with and we wanted to really make this car stand out. So we opted to building a street GT3 version of the vehicle.  First thing to do was contact Flossmann in Germany to purchase the Authentic GT3 widebody kit used on the actual GT3 race cars.  To our surprise, this kit fit and finish was very questionable especially for the price we had to pay, but it was meant for a race car, not a show car.  

with that said, we started to make some changes to the kit, first thing was to cut the hood they sent and mold it into the OEM hood. Flossmann's hood had two huge scoops which the N54 engine did not need and really took away from the street aspec of the vehicle. The next was molding in the side skirts to the rear quarter panel to create a smooth body line.  After that was all said and done, we put it on air suspension to as the body kit sat VERY VERY low to the ground and would have not been drivable otherwise. 

Ace Alloy wheels supplied us with some 20" wheels and we had to major modifications to make those wheels fit as well. wrapped them in Toyo Tires R888's and we also made sure the brakes were upgraded to the F30 M3 brakes.

The racecar version of the body kit disables the convertible top from working but we didn't want that, again we wanted a street GT3 car, so we made sure the top stayed functioning as well. 

After the SEMA show this vehicle went through even more changes and had a version 2 of its life.

Changed out the wheels to custom Forgestar M14's along with a new GT wing to complete the GT3 look.

The car also went on to be featured on Motortrend's Motor Head Garage TV as well. The car became a famous among the Z4 crowd and was turning heads and breaking necks every where it went.


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I want to buy Z4 e89 gt3 body kit,Need to ship to China, please give me the price list.


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